Unexpectedly pleasant meeting

Have you ever had such moments when everything is just perfect and you feel so good doing what you really love to do but then …someone suddenly appears and just ruin all this idyll?

The day was breathtaking. Such days really put awesome ideas into my mind. Befitting my first day of summer vacation in senior high, I decided to draw in the park. I grabbed my favorite snack, took my bicycle and headed off. I had this habit of snacking when I draw, and my favorite was always Awsum puffed corn. Having that snack always helped me to work better and put me in a better mood.

I found my favorite spot in the shade under a tree. Then only I took out my sketch book, my pen, leaned back started drawing.

Sob..sob...sob.. Just when I put my pen to paper, I heard some kid crying. I lost my train of ideas. Annoyed, I looked and saw a kid wandering by himself.

Hey, kid. Can you go and cry somewhere else?" I was sure his parents were just nearby.
Instead of leaving, he cried even louder. I looked around and saw that there wasn't anyone in sight. This kid must have wandered off pretty far.
Go on now, get out of here." I persuaded him. The kid just shook his head, tears streaming down his cheek. I had an idea. Kids like snacks right? That should keep him quiet until his parents arrived. I got up and went to him.
Kid, will you stop crying if I share this with you?" I showed him my pack of corn puffs.
He was a shy kid, but he stopped his wailing and looked at the packet. "Go on, have some. It's my favorite."
He extended his hand and took some. I could tell it was the first time he had this snack because his face immediately lighted up after the first bite!
Thank you." He looked up and gave the cutest smile I have ever seen.
You're welcome. Er...where are your parents?"
I don't know...I'm lost..." He looked down and I saw tears welling up in his eyes again.
Wait, wait! Don't cry. You like comics?" The boy nodded vigorously. "How about you read comics with me and have some Awsume corn puffs while we wait for your parents?
You'll share it with me?" He looked at me with puppy eyes.
Yes, I will. As long as you don't cry. Deal?"
Okay!" The kid grinned from ear to ear.



He followed me back to my spot. Luckily, I brought my old sketches with me. They should be enough to keep him company while I continue my drawing.
True to his word, he did stop crying. Moreover, he was thoroughly enjoying the comics! He was intently reading each panel and mouthing the speech bubbles. I decided to put down my pen and read with him as we snacked, laughing at the jokes and get thrilled at the scary parts.
You like it?"
Yes, I like it very much." He grinned at me, as he took another bite of corn puff. How can annoying kids be so cute. How about letting Jason have a Supper Dog for company? That way, he won't be so lonely.
I looked at him in surprise. That was actually a pretty good idea. Instead of a single person fighting against an era dominated by robots, having a Super Dog with him would certainly make the story more relatable! This kid figured the missing link in my story within moments.
That's a great idea! Hey, kid. What's your name anyway?
I'm Andrew. Nice to meet you." He smiled widely at me.
Hi, Andrew. I'm Jake." I patted his head.
Andrew! Andrew! Where are you?" A male voice was calling out.
Daddy, daddy!" Andrew stood up and ran to the man. They both hugged each other as I got up.
Daddy, this is Jake. He kept me company when I was lost.
Hello, Jake." He stretched his hand for a handshake. "Thank you so much for looking after my kid. Did he cause any trouble?"
You're welcome, sir. Not at all, he's a great company." I shook his hand firmly.
"Daddy! Can I come and read comics with Jake again? I want to read more stories about Jason and Super Dog"
Er..." Andrew's father looked uncertain.
I'm coming again tomorrow. Would you like to read comics again with me?
Yeay!" Andrew beamed happily. Daddy, can I?
Are you sure?
Jake, can you bring this  puff cons again? I like them very much." Andrew said sheepishly.  "Of course I will! Sharing makes it more enjoyable, right? I'll bring a different flavor for you!" I said as I lightly pinched his cheeks.
We said our 'see you tomorrow' and they left. I finished my puffed corn, packed my things and headed home. I was in great mood and it was unexpectedly pleasant  meeting for my. I was looking forward to seeing Andrew again tomorrow!



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